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JoJoktilar 1 year ago
My youthful dick wants a mom
Gozil 1 year ago
Can I come by when the power goes out? I'll need somewhere to watch the end of the game. I'll bring 7 layer dip!
Vikinos 1 year ago
Clumsy bitch lmao I would suck them titties dry however
Kajilrajas 1 year ago
One like from Germany XD
Samull 1 year ago
I say, let's look at the objective facts. it's anti-science, ultra-conservative (in keeping with the Bronze Age), and it has inclined folk to the wrong side of every single moral debate it's been involved in from education to freeing slaves to emancipating women and now, on the homosexual topic, it continues to incline people the wrong way. Billions are spent on the Creationist cause, aiming to have the next generation be slightly stupider than the last; Catholics burn sex education material and condoms spread by international humanitarian efforts and spread nasty lies such as that using a condom makes you more likely to contract AIDS. parents prevent their children from life-saving treatments, teenagers are wracked with angst with fear of Hell, etc, etc. how is it a matter of personal opinion whether it's a force for good or a force for ill?

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